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Ready for Flight: ECUMaster Rendering for SEMA '17

It's always great to work with friends within the industry. Zach of ECUMaster USA met Aaron while traveling on the 2016 Hot Rod Power Tour together as a part of the SEMA Young Executives Network driver team. The reason we participate in many of these automotive events is that it builds fantastic relationships that can be both fun and mutually beneficial for business.

Knowing our hands are heavy with OEM design and build management work for the yearly SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Zach approached us with his own idea that he wanted to bring to life. The goal was to create a visual representation of his project Exomotive Exocet that had a "fighter" theme. The car will be a part of this company's display at the show this November.

Our long-time artist, Tom Hank, who does all of the major Vaccar project vehicles, was the perfect mind to put on the job. We worked wth Zach to make sure we get all of the details that he needed to be included, and what areas he wanted a little creative input, we jumped right into it.

The outcome is a beautiful, dual layout, digital rendering. Items such as the "Tiger Mouth" and Work brand wheels are details that are planned to remain true to the final product in real life. Knowing a "side box" of sorts was to be incorporated at some point, is one of the made-from-scratch items added as well. Overall, this is one of those works of art with a certain level of complexity that comes with all of the photo-realistic details.

A Vaccar Creative rendering can serve as a way to bring your ideas to life, to motivate your team up until completion, as well as for press and media duties. Contact us today to get your special project or SEMA Show 2017 renderings started!

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