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Aaron Vaccar at age 20 incorporates LLC to pursue doing business as “ACV Motorsports; “Aaron Vaccar Signature Series” branding first used to give name to Aaron's custom car creations and promote sponsored aftermarket products; Aaron's 1st and 2nd magazine features simultaneously released for his Subaru WRX STi custom-car build, in Import Tuner and HCI Magazine of the USA
Aaron Vaccar's Subaru project named National Custom Car Association best vehicle in the Midwest overall. At age 21, begins first auto industry business, ACV Mailorder, an online parts retailer that utilized organization of 3 distribution warehouse for the fastest shipping and largest inventory of youth-oriented car accessories
 “Aaron Vaccar Signature Series TOUR” introduced and begins traveling the country showcasing modern custom cars and offering aftermarket automotive niche marketing services; Aaron Vaccar Signature Series designs & builds 1st project vehicle for Ford Motor Co. and debuts at the SEMA show; Aaron's first international magazine feature is printed by ADDX of France
Aaron's 1st time speaking to students on a collage campus about his career in the automotive industry, as a part of an entrepreneurship panel
AutoLife Tour program introduced to rebrand Aaron Vaccar Signature Series Tour and further advance the way automotive products are marketed in an interactive environment via a roadshow; Aaron debuts Blood & Grease “kustom klothing” brand & begins selling premium car culture themed t-shirts; Aaron Vaccar & ACV Motorsports move into a 2700sqft office/warehouse in Youngstown, OH to both live and work around the clock on business development; Ford Motor Company presents Aaron Vaccar Signature Series Ford Fiesta with Design Award at SEMA Show
Aaron Vaccar Signature Series rebranded to simply “Vaccar”; Vaccar brand makes statement at SEMA Show with x3 corporate booth vehicles for Ford & General Motors; Vaccar designs 1st Chevrolet project vehicle and is awarded for its design at SEMA Show
The Aaron Vaccar Company is organized, and acquires all Aaron & ACV Motorsports' ventures; The Aaron Vaccar Company expands to 6000sqft facility in Columbus OH; AutoLife Tour puts 2nd Semi truck on the road via partnership with Scion for “Scion Trilogy Tour”; Blood & Grease brand collaborates with Ford Motor Co. for their 1st SEMA Show project vehicle
Vaccar's Master Garage concept opens retail/display pop-up shop in Orlando, FL; Vaccar builds special Ford project vehicle for SEMA Show to be driven by TV's Ice Road Truckers
Vaccar's Master Garage opens doors to the public in Florida to customize vehicles; Vaccar celebrates 6 years and 6 project vehicles with ford motor company at SEMA Show
Aaron Vaccar awarded 2016 SEMA News "35 Under 35" .; Aaron selected as a team driver to represent the SEMA Young Executives Network on Hot Rod Magazine's POWER TOUR; Aaron begins traveling with Ford Performance as brand ambassador to showcase all-new Ford Focus RS and Shelby GT350; Blood & Grease awarded another Ford project vehicle to debut at SEMA Show and will release collaborative clothing products with aftermarket manufacturers; Vaccar designs 1st Hyundai Motors America project vehicle to debut at SEMA Show

The Story

It all started with cars.  
​Designing and constructing 'custom cars' has been a passion of the Vaccar family since the mid 70’s, eventually leading up to the establishment of ACV Motorsports in 1999.  Aaron Vaccar has started and operated multiple companies that specialized in various niche automotive segments, with focus on unique marketing and strategic development.  With a love for creating, he now also works behind the scenes to help other brands build business.

Aaron's knack for commerce dates back as early as his high school years.  During lunch time in the cafeteria, he would offer a variety of candy bars for sale to his fellow classmates - only after buying the candy locally at a wholesale store, quickly learning the basics of pricing, marketing, and supply/demand.  It was a profitable venture, at least until school management told him to stop, but it was enough of a taste to know that he wanted to run a business.

By the year Aaron graduated high school in 2005 he had already started branding his own custom car 'signature series' for sponsors and had an online aftermarket parts store, ACV Mailorder.  As he entered Youngstown State University for a Business Administration degree, he learned more about being an real entrepreneur, also testing out new ventures wherever he saw opportunities.  Before Aaron was able to graduate, the school had already invited him to speak to other core classes and at events such as the Extreme Entrepreneurship Tour to motivate fellow business students.

In 2007 and 2008 Aaron received his first printed features in HCI and Import Tuner magazines for one of the cars he designed - he then launched his first 'Aaron Vaccar Signature Series' tour and began marketing companies in ways they had never seen before, using custom cars.  In 2009, Ford Motor Company contracted Aaron to design a vehicle for their booth at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV - this was a mile marker for him, and shifted his career into high gear.

Come 2010, Aaron made a bold decision and re-branded his 'tour' from under his own name to his new venture, the "AutoLife Tour".  It was a huge success and is now one of the most sought after automotive attractions for events around the country.  Aaron's second major SEMA Show project vehicle came in 2011 from Ford Motor Co., along with a Design Award from Ford for his outstanding achievement.  In the same year Aaron also unveiled his first venture into a new industry; Blood & Grease 'kustom klothing' was introduced into the market as a edgy-retro, hot rod-influenced premium apparel and accessory line - which quickly achieved cross-country and international sales.

As recent as 2012, Aaron had the honor of being one of the largest builders of the SEMA Show, with a total of 3 vehicles awarded to him by Ford Motor Company and General Motors to design - he also debuted the re-branding of his car designer identity, under the name "Vaccar".  As we look ahead to the future, we can only expect that Aaron Vaccar will continue to grow his brands, start new ventures, and create powerful partnerships with many of the major companies that he calls his clients.

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